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    No official sources have claimed what the actual number of Twitter users is. Some estimate that the amount of users has escalated to 8,000,000. New users of Twitter of course appear every day, and they are now realizing that choosing a Twitter username is not an easy task. Because of this, many users have resorted to creating very short usernames, sometimes totalling to 2 or even 1 characters. 1 lettered or numbered names are currently all in use. 6 of the 37 1 numbered or lettered usernames are private user accounts, and 4 of them are blank profiles. Then there are 1369 users with usernames at only 2 letters or numbers long, combing letters, numbers, or or underscores. 76 of the possible combinations aren’t in use. Then, 205 2-character usernames stay private, while 41 became suspended for unusual activity. 296 of these usernames are completely blank profiles.

    Ironically, many of the short usernames that are in use aren’t even being currently updated anymore. The total combinations amount to 1406, and 1289 of those usernames are taken. 473 of those accounts have profile information entered, and only 384 of those accounts contain legitimate information.

    Those 1289 accounts follow an average of 49 peopple. 572 of the accounts don’t follow anyone. The accounts are followed by, on average, 186 users of Twitter. 346 of the 1289 accounts have no followers at all. These accounts average with about 205 tweets. User zb has tweeted the most with 45469 status updates. 300 accounts haven’t tweeted a single update. 136 of these Twitter accounts are completely blank. If you want a short username, you better hurry! Not many combinations are left, and with the large increase of new users, they’ll be gone in a flash. Happy Twit Day thinks now is the time to secure your username if it’s still available even if you don’t use it in the longrun.


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